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This is the most up to date wine list:  please contact us for availability since some fruits and grapes are seasonal.

Grape Wines

Roo's Rue -- A sweet, unoaked Merlot that is a wonderful break from the usual...much like our daughter it's named for.

Gavyn Blush -- White Zen, all nice and pink and pretty.

Proprietary Blends

Texas Sunset -- a real surprise to the palette.  A pleasing blend of apricot and pear for a soft sweet wine.

Fruit Wines

Elderberry -- old world charm, but please leave out the arsenic.

Peach -- a sweet wine true in taste, for an interesting change try over ice cream or in cobbler.

East Texas Blackberry -- True to its taste just like you picked them from the field...but without the stickers.


Grapefruit -- an interesting diversion to be tried anytime.  If you like grapefruit, you'll love this.  We affectionately call it our “Maydelle Margarita”.

Lemonade Wine -- a back porch favorite...good lemonade with a kick.  Multi-award winner!!

Lime Wine -- another of our award winning “something different” wines.  Light, but with a bite.


Maydelle Apple Mead -- an excellent honey wine with sweet fruits.  A delight to the senses.  Limited production.

Winter Peach (Mulled Wine) -- only available from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day.  Reminiscent of an English Christmas.  Serve hot!

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