Our Story

"We create wines that are pleasant to drink, and fun to pronounce!"

Maydelle Country Wines is a small, family run winery that sits out at the edge of ID Fairchild State Forest about 7 miles out of Rusk, TX, and 2.5 miles from the little town of Maydelle.  The Texas State Railroad runs through the back yard, and rattles the windows as it passes.  The Harpers have been out on the side of this hill since the early 1970's, and have raised three generations of children in these woods.

Steven Harper is the owner, vintner, chief picker of fruits, fearless elderberry hunter, and good friend to all.  His winning spirit and quick wit make him a laugh a minute while at work or away.  Ask him how he got started when you visit the winery.  It’s an interesting story.

Cheryl Ivie-Harper can politely be called the “know-it-all” here.  She handles sales, paperwork, stock, where to find things, where things go.  She’s also glad to let you know about other wineries in the area and upcoming events.

With children, grandchildren, family and friends, they have made been at this for over 10 years, and are looking forward to at least another decade or three.

Using products available from the soil of Texas, each batch is kept small for that personal taste.  While other wineries sing to you the praise of their small batch wines, we let you taste them.  Most of our wines are less than 200 gallons.  Instead of dragging up the same old grapes, we go out on a limb creating wines that are not only pleasant to drink, but down right FUN.  Wines made from lemon & lime have become our trademark, but we also produce blackberry, grapefruit, elderberry and peach just to name a few.

So brave the dirt road and come on, enjoy the wine!