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Our illustrious leader is also the founder of the winery.  Steven Harper is the owner, vintner, chief picker of fruits, fearless elderberry hunter, maintenance man, and good friend to all.  His winning spirit and quick wit make him a laugh a minute while at work or away.  Ask him how he got started when you visit the winery.  It’s an interesting story.  

A lot of us have seen the sign: “Do you want to talk to the man in charge, or the woman who knows what’s going on?”  That applies at Maydelle Country Wines.  The woman who knows what’s going on is Cheryl Ivie, a.k.a. Sister,  Bookkeeper, and Office Manager, she keeps all that needs to be kept.  If you need to place an order, find out about how to start your own winery in Texas, find out what we have in stock, or see if we can get something for you, she’s the one to talk to.  Just don’t ask her details on how the wine is made...she’ll refer you back to Steve on that one.

T.J. is an up and coming help.  He’s up and coming and going and coming and going and ... well, you get the picture.  Having grown up in the winery, he’s already handled more bottles of wine than most people many times his age.  He’s our top bottling help and shrink wrapper.  He’s still learning about how to correctly use the corker, but eventually he’ll be bigger than it is.  He’s been around the processes enough to understand already the fundamentals of what it takes to keep the place running.

Christian Harper has been working around the shop since we were just a small home brew supply store and she was no bigger than her brother, TJ.  She has the organizational skills to keep her family on its toes and the ability to handle the man power to make sure that all goes as it should.  This allows Steve the free time to do what he should be doing...making the wines.  She is our top resource for quick hands, being able to call in friends at the drop of a grape.  We are more than blessed and happy to have her return to the winery when she has time to take away from her culinary career.

This is a small operation, but we wouldn’t make it where we are without the help of our two “hey can you help me out for a day or so” people: Marcia Powell and Robbie Pierce.  Marcia has been best friend and “family” for longer than her or Cheryl would like to remember, but is still willing to lend a hand when it’s needed.  Mrs. Robbie is the most precious life saver that ever came along.  She works on weekends when we really need the extra set of hands and always has the most wonderful smile available.  We consider ourselves lucky to have her come out, since not only does she have a real job, but her husband runs the local candle shop (Uncle Stick’s) and is a musician.  Both these ladies are kind and very generous in the way they are willing to give time away from their busy lives to help us out.  We count them in our blessings every day.

There are many other volunteers that come through and help out in pinches.  Everyone from Mammy and Pap, friends of all types, people who showed up at the wrong time and got volunteered, and those who were willing to help for no other reason than they were willing to help.  There are too many to name here.  But we owe them all a huge debt of gratitude.

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