Maydelle Country Wines

In the wonderful world that we live, there are thousands of wineries making tens of thousands of wines.  It is in the midst of that wonderful world you will find Maydelle Country Wines located solidly in Left Field.

The spirits of our rebellious forefathers, ambitious pioneers, and audacious grandparents reside at Maydelle Country Wines.  Taking what they had and using it to grow this country is the spirit in every bottle of our Maydelle Country Wines.

Maydelle Country Wines is located on a dirt road in a nearly 100 year old depot.  Using only products available from the soil of Texas each batch is kept small for that personal taste.  While other wineries sing to you the praise of their small batch wines, we let you taste them.  All our batches are less that 200 gallons.  Instead of dragging up the same old French grapes, we go out on a limb creating wines that are not only pleasant to drink, but down right FUN.  Wines made from blackberries, grapefruits, elderberries and peaches just to name a few.  But if you’re stuck in a rut we also do grapes: Scuppernong, Muscadine, Blanc de Bois, and others grown locally in our area.

There is no fancy place to sleep, or five star restaurants connected to us (although Bertha’s Café, down the road in downtown Maydelle, cooks up some mean catfish on the weekends).  But what you get is Southern Hospitality at its finest.  Heck, we don’t know any other way to be, 'cause that’s how our parents raised us.

So come on in, enjoy the wine.  The kids are welcome as well, with rootbeer on tap as well as wooden trains and friendly cats.  Listen to the train roll by if you get there at the right time and have some fun in the country.  We look forward to having you out!

Oh, and be sure to see some of the other wineries in the area.  East Texas is becoming the best kept secret in the Texas wine industry with about 10 different wineries in the local area.

Pineywoods Wine Trail

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